CAL student-run  bike exchange store


At Goodwheels, we buy & sell bikes to raise money that goes to helping people in Uganda gain better access to health care.


Founded at UC Berkeley by the non-profit startup Rides for Lives, Goodwheels leads a self-sustainable bike exchange program.

How it works:

As a retail platform, Goodwheels Exchange buys bikes from locals and students at a low cost. We fix up the bikes and resell them to the community. All profits from bike purchases go to supporting the non-profit works of Rides for Lives in Uganda.

Rides for Lives seeks to solve a problem of limited health care access in Uganda by providing mobile health clinics and other medical vehicles.



Check out our proposal that won Big Ideas @ Berkeley in 2013.

The day I got my first bike, my life changed completely.
— Chris Ategeka, founder of Rides of Lives

Sound good?